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Change Logs

First version released

1. Staticized index page
2. Fixed download canceled bug

1. Now using Grid layout in subjects pages
2. Fixed a bug where 「Back」 button could not be used under some browsers

1. Fixed a bug where the past papers were not found in some subjects
2. Change the domain from to
3. Improved papers list button style

1. New menu shortcut download button on papaers page
2. Added "Back to Top" and "Back to Bottom" buttons on papers page
3. Added a notification page for maintenance
4. Added a toolbar to count the number of test papers that have been added to the list on papers page

1.The download function is now available for more browsers

1.UI adjustment
2.New index design
3.New feature —— Extensions
4.New extension —— OneStep
5.Added a donate page

1.Added a associated paper shortcut button
2.Added a bar to display the total number of items in each page
3.Added a Switch Server button
4.Paper display page redesigned
5.Added a new papers source —— Xtremepapers

1.Rebuilt using Vue.js